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the sound has to be in concert with the music....

WHAT WE DO: We offer a select line of products to improve your computer audio listening experience.

Signature Series - Sonore Music Server with VortexBox Engine
No Mouse, No Keyboard, No Monitor....No Problem!

**NEW DESIGN** The Signature Series Sonore Music Server is the ultimate audiophile grade computer audio playback system with large internal storage. This series is a true headless design and no mouse or keyboard or monitor is required to be connected to it for operation. This series has been designed to bring you into the computer audio revolution without the steep learning curves required to get it right. Getting it right would have been enough, but we took it one step further and made it simple and fun to use. This series can also be configured to provide you the best USB output or Firewire output available for easy integration into your existing system. This series is fanless and silent so no need to worry about extra noise in your listening room. Insert your favorite cd and the unit automatically transfers the audio data in lossless format into its internal storage drive. The system then adds embedded tags and cover art information. You can also load the unit with music you already have in your digital collection for playback and sharing on your home network with others. You control playback of the audio data with any browser or with free iTouch/iPhone/iPad/Droid APPs.   

Bit perfect playback
Up to 32/384 PCM playback and DSD DoP v1 playback - list of compatible DSD devices
Compatible with aiff, wav, flac, alac, mp3 and other popular formats without DRM
Control of music playback with a free Android APP and free iTouch/iPhone/iPad APP MPoD from Katoemba

Control of music playback with Web Enabled Interface from any computer on the home network                  
Automatic ripping and tagging of your CDs with cover art finder in flac format
Automatic ripping of your DVDs to MKV format
**Now includes the new SOtM tX-USBexp USB output
**Now includes the new and improved SOtM SATA power line noise filter
Now includes a 3TB storage drive
Shares and stores your music collection for use on the home network

Compatible with iTunes
Automatically makes alac and mp3 mirrors from the flac rips for use with other player
Control your existing Logitech and Sonos devices
Front usb port (used to backup content to usb drive and or to charge your mobile devices)
Fanless design
US made case that is
precision CNC machined from heat-treated aircraft quality billet aluminum
High mass drive isolation system to eliminate drive vibration
Standard 150 watt power supply
Dimensions: 17-1/2" wide x 13" deep x 2-1/2" high (+ 3/8" with feet)

Mobile APP           Subscription iPad APP                  Web Enabled Interface                                         Flow Diagram
*APPs from Katoemba

SOtM USB output for 32/384 PCM playback and DSD DoP v1 playback (list of compatible USB devices)

Sonore Upgrade Power Supply with Cardas DC cable
Cardas power cord
Cardas analog cables
Cardas digital cables
Cardas speaker wires


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